Support for torture victims

"Support for torture victims" is a network of five specialized outpatient clinics in Switzerland. Survivors of torture, war and displacement receive medical, psychotherapeutic and psychosocial counselling, treatment and support in this clinics.

The network partners

The “support for torture victims” network consists of five partners. They offer severely traumatised refugees psychotherapeutic treatment and counselling.

Further information

You can find further information about the network, and also about torture, flight, trauma and trauma therapy in the German and French versions of this website. 

Studies and research by affiliated partners

The Outpatient Clinic for Victims of Torture and War in Zurich is affiliated with University Hospital Zurich. PD Dr. med.Matthis Schick and PD Dr. phil. Naser Morina have published several studies and articles on various topics around and about traumatized people.

Publications of PD Dr. med. Matthis Schick: National Library of Medicine

Publications of PD Dr. phil. Naser Morina, National Library of Medicine

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