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Support for Torture Victims is an association comprising five specialized therapy facilities where the traumatized victims of torture and war can receive counselling, treatment and therapy.

The main objective of the Support for Torture Victims association and the individual outpatient facilities is to provide support for the victims of torture, war and displacement and help them work through their traumatic experiences so they can go back to leading independent lives.

The first therapy centre for torture victims was set up in Switzerland in 1995. Owing to high demand, four more facilities have been opened since then and these have now joined forces under the umbrella association Support for Torture Victims.


Arbeitsmarkt: Wie können traumatisierte Geflüchtete integriert werden?

Die Unterlagen der Fachtagung vom Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2018 in Bern finden Sie hier.


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War has a long arm. Long after it is over, it still gets its victims.

Martin Kessel

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